FAQ bullet Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some frequently-asked questions about YateClient.

1. Why can't I log in to my GTalk/Gmail account? My credentials work just fine for the webinterface, but not in YateClient.
Sometimes you may receive an error like: "Unsupported authentication mechanism". So please make sure you have checked the "Allow plain password authentication" option.
Another reason may be that you have 2-step verification enabled in your Google account. In this case you need to create and use an application specific password.
Finally, your application login may be disabled for a number of Google specific reasons. You need to log in to Web page or clear the unlock CAPTCHA.

2. I cannot add a new GTalk/Gmail account, I keep getting the message:"Failed to connect account 'jabber: xxx@gmail.com' remote-server-not-found". How do I fix this?
When you add the account, press Advanced and set up Yate gtalk advanced to server as talk.google.com and port as 5222.
  • Server: talk.google.com
  • Resource: Yate
  • Port: 5222

3. Why do my email address and password used to connect to Facebook not work with YateClient?
In order to connect to Facebook using YateClient, you need an username@chat.facebook.com. Here's how to check that you have it!

4. Why do I get a "not-authorized" error when I try to connect to Facebook with YateClient?
Please make sure you have the right privacy settings.

5. How do I delete my call history from YateClient?
In Linux (the author of this page used Mandriva spring 2010), go to Home -> your_local_user_name_here -> .yate (NOT the yate folder where you have installed the application).
Here you will find client_calltohistory.conf file. Delete it.
On your next log in with YateClient, the call history will be gone.

In Windows (example from XP OS), go to Documents and Settings ->your_local_user_name_here -> Application Data -> Yate.
Delete the client_calltohistory.conf file in order to remove all call history.

6. How do I see the full name of .conf.sample files for YateClient in Windows? I can see the file type as sample, but the name ends in ".conf".
If you don't see the full name for sample files in Windows, you have to change the way the name files are displayed in the respective folder (usually conf.d).
For this, in your explorer window, go to Tools->Folder Options, like in the screenshot below:
Here, under the "Hidden files and folders" category, you should find the option "Hide extensions for known file types" checked, like this:
Now uncheck the option, and the full name of the .conf.sample files will be displayed.

7. My question isn't answered here. What do I do?
If your question isn't answered here or anywhere in this site, please contact us.
Additionally you can also:
  • chat with one or more NullTeam members or leave us a message on irc.freenode.net, joining #yate channel.
  • subscribe to our Yate Mail list.

  Screenshots are from 3.2 versions of YateClient or older.