UserGuide: Message Archive

YateClient offers the possibility of saving locally, on your computer, your chat messages.

There are two ways to get to the Chat Message Archive:




Go to YateClient Main Menu
Yate->Archive - it is the third option from top.

This will display all your saved chats, both from individual chats, or chat rooms.








Go to Chat tab, choose a Friend (preferably, one with which you talked to at least once and saved the messages) and right click the name.
Choose Show log option.

Clicking on one of these two options will reveal the message archive that stores in whole your chats, also from chatrooms (1->Archive) or with an individual friend (2->Show log).

Like most of message archives, its window is divided into 3 sections:




List of Friends - is a collection of the Friends names with which you chatted or of the chatrooms in which you took part.

List of Conversations- when an ID is selected in the list of friends on the left, it shows all the conversations you had with the respective user.

Detailed conversation - when a certain conversation is selected from the list above, it reveals the actual chat.

Searching through the archive is an useful feature introduced by YateClient for its message archive.

Once you opened the message archive, you can either go to main menu ->Edit-> Find, like this,

or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F.

Right now, the folowing menu should appear displayed at the bottom of the screen:

Let's explore it more closely:

  • The great thing about this search is that you can perform it differentiated in:

Current contact - represent all the chats you had with the respective friend.
Current session - means the conversation you had open at accessing the message archive.
All archive - it will search in all the conversations available, not only with the respective friend,

  Screenshots are from YateClient version 4.0.

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