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UserGuide bullet Calling with H323

YateClient is also a H323 client, that means that if your telephony services provider uses the H.323 protocol, you will successfully make your calls with YateClient.

The same as for calling using SIP, there are 2 ways of using YateClient with H323.

1. Being logged into your telephony account *
While you are logged into your account, you just need to do this:
1.1. Check that the status of your account is indeed "online" (see on the Use Telephony Account page more details).

1.2. Click on the telephony tab. Make sure you have the "Calls" button selected (like in the following image):

1.3. Write the destination number using either the keyboard or the dial-pad within the client.
1.4. Press the Call button and wait for the other party to answer.

On the other hand, you might know exactly the configuration of the path between you and the target. This means we are in the second situation.

2.URI calling with YateClient.
You can call the desired destination by directly typing the URI in the telephony tab in YateClient.
This means that you have to know accurately the number you want to call, and the server that the respective extension is logged. For example, let's say you want to call Diana. She is logged on and uses the 1720 port.
Another must is knowing the protocol that the other party is using, which in our case is definitely h.323 . So right now, our destination will look like this:

* Check this page to make sure you have Yate installed with H.323plus support, and enabled to function as H.323 GateKeeper.