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YateClient as SoftPhone

When placing calls with the help of YateClient, please have in mind that there are two ways of doing that.

1. While logged into an account
Being logged into one of your accounts, right click a friend and, if available, call directly using the service provided by the respective domain. For example, see how to call with Google Voice.
2. URI dialling with YateClient
Call directly your preferred destination, provided that you give the right parameters for the connection to be established.

For the first case, it's rather easy: your service provider, to whom you are registered with your account (like Google, in the example above), will handle your call routing and negotiating with the protocol of the destination.

I am referring now to case 2.

Whenever you want to reach someone through your YateClient, go to Telephony tab and press the

Calls button:

In the area indicated with red, you should type the specific known destination, which is called "target".

This is how the target is supposed to look like in the multiple protocols YateClient can support.

Protocol Separator only for sip Username

can be a number

at IP colon Port only for IAX Whole example


/ sip:

part of URI syntax

506 @ : 5060   sip/sip:506@


diana 1720 h323/diana@


/ diana 4569 /12022561414

number called


or iax:diana@10.0.01:4569/DIanA?friends

After you entered the target in the right form, you should press the button and make the call.

If you are trying to route your calls with Yate as your telephony server, see how here on Yate's home page.

  Screenshots are from YateClient version 4.0.