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UserGuide bullet Chat Room Buttons

There are 5 buttons placed just below the name of the chat room that provide you some useful functions to perform while logged.





Change room subject

While you are moderator of the room, press this button to change the subject.

  When this window appears:
  press Ok, and then the change should be reflected like this in the chat room:

Change Nickname

If you want to change the name you appear in the chat room with, you can change it from this button.

  Once you press it, the following window appears:
...and you can write the desired name. That easy!

Invite Contacts

When you want to invite more contacts from your roster in the chat room, press the indicated button.

  Now choose from your list:
  As a result, the invited ID(s) will receive a notification that will allow you to connect in the chat room.
  This is how YateClient invites you to the MUCS (Multi User Chats)
  After you accept, you are prompted with the joining chat room window, and then you're IN!

Save chat room contact

Saving the chat room as a contact is the easiest way to ensure your return there.

  You also have a checkbox where you can choose to enter the chat room as soon as you are online.

Save Log

Pressing this button will open the Archive and show you what you have saved.

All these functions (except the changing of the room subject, which is associated with a certain role) are available in any chat room.

   Screenshots are from YateClient 4.0 version.