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UserGuide bullet Chat Rooms

When you want to connect to a chat room, you can use one of the following methods (once you are logged into one of your Chat accounts):

Join Chat Room Wizard

1. Go to Chat Room Wizard
Go to YateClient Main menu and click Yate->Join chat room:

2. Choose account
Choose the credentials which you want to connect to the chat room (by default, YateClient has selected the last account you were logged in):


Please make sure that the account you choose is able to sustain chat on jabber servers.

For example, you won't be able to join any chat rooms while being connected to your Facebook account (why is that?).

3. Choose room
Next image will bring you to the following options: 3.1.find a new chatroom server or 3.2.use a previously saved chatroom.

3.1. Find a new chatroom - this allows you to find which servers host chat rooms, in case you need to make new connections or want to check the availability of known ones.
If you choose this option, by pressing next you go to step 4 - choosing a server.

3.2. Using a previously saved chatroom (for example jabber@conference.jabber.org):
If you use an existing room, go to the final step - Joining Chat Room.

4. Choose Chat Room server
Once you reach this point, you need to choose a certain chat room server. You can
Let's explore these options one at a time.

4.1. Query domain
When logged to your jabber account (for example ana_barbu@jabber.org), let's assume you want to know what chat room servers there are.
So you need to write jabber.org in the text box before the "Query" button, and then press it. The screen will look like this:
Right now you should have at least one chat room server when you check the drop-down list.
For example, at one point I was also logged with my GoogleTalk account, so I have this:
Now we need to ...

4.2. - Choose the server.
Right now the middle field of the window should be completed as a result of 2 actions:
  • you choose the corresponding server from the list (either found in the previous step, 4.1 or saved from a previous session when you used the wizzard)
  • you type the name of the server in the text box.
Being logged with the jabber account, I choose conference.jabber.org.
There are 2 ways to continue:
  • join a known room on the server - this means you need to type its name:
When you press "Next", you'll find yourself at step 6 - Joining the Chat Room.
  • query the server to find out what chat rooms are available.

5.Chat Room List
As a result of your query for the available chat rooms on a server, a list will appear like this:

Now select the room where you wish to enter.

Press next -> go to step 6.

6. Joining Chat Room
The final screen will allow you to connect to the chatroom - you will need to type your password:


You can receive the history of the messages from the room before you enter it. If you leave this unchecked you will only receive the messages sent after you are connected.

If you want to receive the history, you can specify a period (in minutes) for the recorded messages. For instance, in the illustrated example, I only want to see the last 30 minutes of the discussion.

And now you can happily chat away:

This is the way to find and connect to a chat room using the "Join Chat Room Wizard". But after you've been trough the process and found a chat room you want to come back to, you can simply use the following...

Shortcut to Chat Room

Save Chat Room in Contact List
Once you've found your chat room(s) of choice, in order to spare yourself the trouble of entering it "the long way", you can add it in your contact list.
Just press the

"Add contact" button and from now on you can connect to the chat room just double-clicking its name in the roster.

The saved contact will appear like this in your contact list (in the next image, the hover box also appears):

  Screenshots are from YateClient 4.0 version.