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UserGuide bullet Creating a chat conference in Gmail

It may happen that sometimes, logged into your Google account, you have such an interesting conversation with a friend,
that you want to include others in your chat.

Or that you want to discuss the last details of the trip you're all planning for this weekend and you could all chat, as a group.

You can do that by making a chat conference in YateClient.

This is how you proceed:

1. Add your Gmail/Google Talk account in YateClient and log in - your status should be Online.
2. Choose a friend from the list. Make sure they are also logged through Gmail (not Facebook for example). Open
a chat window between the two of you (either double click the username or right-click it and choose Chat option).
3. In the chat window, press the Create chat room symbol.
4. After 3, a window which will allow you to invite more contacts in the conference will appear (see the image below).
From here you can also create a password for the conference, and to send a specific text as message,
for example "Let's talk about the trip" to the invited users.

Tick the check boxes in the Enabled column, in front of the people you want to invite and press Ok.

Your friend will receive a message like this:
"Contact your_name <your_ID@gmail.com> invites you to join chat room 'private-chat-______@groupchat.google.com' on account 'jabber:your_friend_username@gmail.com'.
You've been invited to this chat room!"

5. Once you send the invitation, the MUCS (Multi User Conference Session) window will be created, with you as moderator.

The moderator role means you can Kick or Ban an user from the conference - you have these commands at the right click on each participant's name.
Congratulations, you have created a chat conference in Gmail!

  Screenshots are from YateClient version 4.0.