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UserGuide bullet Installation for Mac

In order to have YateClient up and running on your Mac, you have to do the following:

1. Download the .dmg file from Yate main download page or from here directly.

2. Open the file by double-clicking it. It will be mounted in the device tab, under the name of Yate (see image below).

3. To install the YateClient application, just drag and drop the icon into the Applications folder, as indicated below:

4. Now you can go to your

Finder application, and from the Applications folder, drag and drop the

YateClient in the Dock (the icon bar from the bottom of your screen).

Alternately, once you run YateClient and you already have it in your Dock, you can right click the Yate icon.
Pick "Keep in Dock" for the same result - easy access to YateClient at all times.

Now you can use YateClient whenever you please!

For some easy first steps, go to Getting Started!

  Screenshots are from YateClient version 4.0.