UserGuide: YateClient Main Menu

The Yate Client main menu has the following options: Yate, Settings, Friends and Status.

In what follows, you have summarized their main functionalities.


  • log in (Online) with all the previously connected accounts;
  • Join chat room
  • access chat Message Archive
  • adding another account in the client (either through the wizard or directly)
  • toggle between Advanced and Normal Mode
  • log off from all the accounts i.e. Quit application.


  • Options will open a window with the following tabs: General, Chat, Telephony, Archive
  • Accounts shows you all the accounts you are currently using with YateClient, either online or offline.
  • Debug opens a Yate Debug Log.
  • File transfer
  • Show notifications will make room from the bottom-up in YateClient main window for any warning or error messages you get.



Please note that the "Offline" option logs you out of ALL the accounts you are currently connected.

The main window of Yate Client also allows you to switch between the Chat and Telephony interface by clicking the corresponding tabs.

Also in the main window of Yate Client, you will find in the two corners from bottom the possibilities of changing the status from the corner on your left (see the options above at Status) and accessing Yate Help by clicking the question mark button in the corner on your right.

  Screenshots are from YateClient version 4.0.

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