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Here you can find most of the things to get you started using our YateClient.

  • About offers a short description of the client.
  • Install in Windows? provides a series of useful screenshots of installation in Windows OS.
  • Getting Started is an overview of the process of connecting through YateClient on your multiple accounts.
    You can see step by step descriptions of how you can add your Google Talk account (here), Facebook (here), IM (here) or telephony account (here) to YateClient.
  • Managing Friends List shows you what you can do with your Friends list in the Chat interface (jabber Instant Messaging). These are the usual add, delete and group friend(s).
  • Message Archive, besides storing your chats, brings as a new feature: the possibility to search by a key word in the current session, all the chats with an ID or the whole archive. Isn't it neat?

YateClient's Main Menu guides you through all the corners (almost literally) of our client.

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